Como programar el control de megacable a la caja gdct-480t

Como programar el control de megacable a la caja gdct-480t

Mega cable box

In addition, Megacable does not deliver only one model of control for use with the television. Learn with us the correct way to program a Megacable remote control with the guides for each model that we have described for you.

There are different ways to configure a Megacable remote control, it all depends on why we need to do it and, in addition, we must take the model that has been delivered with the equipment package to have access to television, telephone and internet services.

Before starting with the configuration of the remote controls the first thing we have to do is to check the state of the batteries because many times they are the ones that no longer have charge and therefore the control stops working.

These Megacable remote control models are the most used by Megacable, we hope that the configuration of yours has been done correctly so that you can manipulate both your digital device and your television.

The channel of the stars is one of the few Televisa Networks that can be transmitted by Megacable. We tell you on which channels you can enjoy its programming and which others are available to watch by contracting your Megacable package.

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Gdct-840t codes

Battery Installation The GDCT-480T remote control requires two AAA batteries. To install the batteries: 1) Remove the battery cover. 2) Insert the batteries by matching the (+) and (-) mark on the inside of the battery compartment. 3) Press and push the battery cover into place. 4) Caution: If you are going to use the remote control for an extended period of time, remove the batteries. They may leak chemicals that can destroy electrical components.     Features and Functions Please use the illustration to locate features on the GDCT-480T universal remote control and then study the key card to know the function of each key.     Device Table After programming your GDCT-480T remote control you will be able to control the following devices: NOTE: To control your device move the key to the device you want to control.     Remote Control Key Chart

Skip between pre-selected favorite channels (Only available on Motorcycle TV or Cable). NOTE: Favorite channels must be pre-selected through the electronic program guide before this key will work.

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Gdrc-400t manual english select the model of control (this is located on the back of the control). Once you do this, select the type of device you need to program it to (in your case it is TV) and then the brand of the TV. Once you do this, you will be presented with the codes that are likely to work with your TV. The procedure to program your remote is as follows Press the T.V. button located on the top of your remote for 5 seconds, then when you see the top buttons light up enter a code followed by the number sign for example: 585#. The TV button should light up 3 times, after that you can try turning the TV off, it should work. If you have any further questions please contact me at

Hello! My name is Kimberly Escobar with DISH Network, I will be happy to provide you with the information you need. To program the remote to your Samsung TV there are certain codes that you can integrate into the remote to work with the TV. The codes for a Samsung TV are as follows: 738, 516, and the 680. The procedure to program it is as follows: Press the TV button located on the top of the remote for 5 seconds until all the other buttons light up red, once they light up enter one of the codes followed by the number sign (#) for example 738# the TV button should light up 3 times, after that you can try the functions. If you have additional questions you can contact me directly at

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