Modo puente modem telmex

Modo puente modem telmex

Bridge mode router

We will try not to go into technicalities and explain it in a simple and accessible way, so that even if you have no idea how a router works you can understand what it is for. We will also give you indications on how to activate it, although this will depend on each model.

And then there is the router function, which routes the decrypted connection and distributes it among the connected devices. In addition, it also manages requests for access to the network by those devices that you have connected. Therefore, although the device that you get from your operator or that you buy is called a router, it is really a modem and a router, two in one.

Bridge mode disables the router functions of the router you have at home. In this way, the router of your operator will become simply a modem, which decrypts the connection that comes to you by cable and allows you to send it to another device without anything else. Also disable the WiFis or any mode with which the router sends the connection to your devices. Only the one you have connected to the modem will work.

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Totalplay bridge mode

Bridge mode is used to connect two independent networks using wireless devices. When this function is enabled, the wireless clients will not be able to connect to the router. This procedure connects two networks or groups of clients in wired networks, each equipped with its own router or wireless access point, and which for some reason cannot be connected with Ethernet cable. To give you an idea, imagine that two different houses want to share network resources without using cables.

Sercomm vd1018tm

«Branch Private Network» is a service very similar to leased lines, but it is used for internet services, either for browsing, VoIP or both.    The attraction of this service is that, as already mentioned, it has the same scheme as a dedicated line, but the service is provided through an adsl, which makes the cost much lower than that of the aforementioned dedicated line. Less than the aforementioned leased line.

So, if the service travels through the ADSL infrastructure, therefore, the NTU (Network Terminal Unit) that is regularly used at the end user’s site, is now replaced by a modem (which are almost always optical terminals, on this will depend the capacity of the service). Now, this modem, installed as is, has the configurations to operate as a conventional modem in our homes. And it is here where we enter fully to the reason for the post.

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The first thing is the connection to the modem via cable using a PC. These modems, like many network equipment, have a management ip (, in this case). The modem regularly has the, so, in our network card in our computer we are going to place one within the same segment.

Modem sercomm entry34t

I’m new here, I’m Carlos from Mexico, and I have a huge doubt!…. I am a customer here in Mexico of Telmex for Internet service at home (is Fiber Optic) and I have an ONT Huawei brand ONT Model HG8145V5, and comes with a phone line (I guess is for Internet as it connects directly to the ONT, now buy a router to manage much better management, scope and stability of the network at home, buy an ASUS RT-AC86U, but watching videos I understand that the best way to get the best performance is to bridge the Huawei ONT and configure the Asus, but it seems to me that it should be PPPoE configuration but even there I’m stuck, I have many doubts, I hope not to bother anyone with my doubts and thank you all in advance a big hello and I hope to learn a lot from you here in the group

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I am currently connected as the provider (telmex) left it and from there I connect via ethernet from LAN1 to the ASUS router, but I have duplicity of NAT’ and I do not know what else to double… in my game console tells me that Double NAT detected,

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