The way back machine

The way back machine

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Outside the park, Duncan is constantly forgotten by his mother, who spends his time drinking, partying, partying and smoking pot with the other adults. During a barbecue to celebrate the Fourth of July, Susanna realizes that Duncan is upset about it and invites him to go crabbing with her and Peter, while talking about his absent father and helping Duncan open up and share his feelings. That night, Duncan sees Trent and Joan kissing, but doesn’t tell anyone what he saw.

When Duncan returns to the house, Pam tells him they are leaving, and Betty and her children come to say goodbye. Susanna finally kisses Duncan, and tells him that she avoided his kiss the other time only because she was surprised. When Trent pulls into the gas station on the way out of town, Duncan jumps out of the car and heads to the park, followed by Pam, Trent and Steph. There he tells the employees that he is leaving and asks Owen to follow him. The two of them go down the water slide and Duncan becomes the first person to overtake someone on the slide as the rest of the park watches. After finally introducing Owen to his mother, Duncan says goodbye to the other employees. Owen tells Pam that she has a great son, and introduces himself to Trent as «a good friend of 3.» Trent, Steph, Pam and Duncan get in the car and drive out of town. Pam sits in the back of the car, where Duncan is, and the two smile as Trent’s protests are heard in the background.

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We asked dozens of ordinary people what they would like to know before embarking on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The result is this ever-expanding directory of frequently asked questions about the Camino de Santiago.

We know that the first time you decide to do the Camino de Santiago a sea of doubts assaults you and that many times because you don’t know how to solve them you can’t make up your mind. Walking the Jacobean routes is a highly recommended experience that we would like everyone to experience at least once in their lives and we do not want the unknowns about the Camino to put anyone off.

Our intention is that this list of frequently asked questions about the Camino de Santiago continues to grow steadily to try to accommodate all kinds of questions, dealing with the pilgrimage from all possible angles and answer them in a direct and concise way. To begin with, here you have the first 35 questions that we will expand little by little, with the intention that this is a living content. If you want us to answer new questions, you can leave them in the comments.

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Like Camus, Juan Trejo begins his novel with the traumatic death of a mother. This detail, like the rest of the novel’s events, aspires to achieve a universal identification with life.    The readers who go through La máquina del porvenir decide to embark on a journey where the same concerns afflict people from different realities. Time, like the book, shows that totality exists but can only be experienced in stages.

Faced with the danger of the disintegration of the «I», the characters seek in their parents the solid root for the reconstruction of their identity. The desire to recover the grandeur of the impossible world of childhood leads the characters to feel foreigners, stateless in search of their place of origin.

The culmination of the hero’s journey is centered on suppressing the idea of time and penetrating the present, with the multiplicity and uncertainty it entails. Learning is the process by which the person experiences and the proper name mutates. The detachment from the parents engenders a renewing nostalgia that allows reflection on one’s own «being».

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However, ‘The Way Way Way Back’ has an appeal that becomes irresistible and is enjoyed with open arms as if it were a very big movie, which it is not. But Nat Faxon and Jim Rash have found in my opinion a better balance in the story they tell than in Payne’s film -and with this I am not saying that the present one is better than the other, I like both equally-, and as they are the directors, who by the way are reserved two secondary characters, one of them very funny, they have been able to see better than anyone the possibilities of putting in images a text that although it contains some clichés, it handles them with skill thanks to staging solutions as simple as intelligent -attention to how they often frame the actors-, to some very well-drawn characters, and above all to a cast in a true state of grace. A cast in which any spectator can see himself reflected if he wants to, due to the closeness and familiarity of many of the characters, who above all are credible.

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